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Our First Golf Tournament

We’re so excited to announce the Atlanta Braves are partnering with BOAW for our Spring golf tournament and fundraiser!



Who We AreClassesHow To Join
Who We Are
Birds on a Wire is a ministry designed to encourage moms and equip them with Godly practical advice so that they will be able to parent with an “I can” attitude and feel confident in their ability as a mom. BOAW pulls alongside moms to give practical advice and assure them that their heavenly Father is with them in this journey.
All of our classes are designed to benefit you, the mom. Therefore, we have set our curriculum up around what works best for a mom’s schedule. We do not go through a specific book, because in the life of a mom, a book can be nearly impossible to read.
How To Join
We have several groups in the metro Atlanta area:

North Point Community Church
Browns Bridge Community Church
Cumberland Community Church

Mom Core - Part Guide 3D

Says Who – Part 2

Says Who? is designed to help moms uncover the lies that the world deceives them with. In Part 2, you will discover more lies that moms believe.

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